Cashback Wallets for Online Stores

Manage cashbacks and loyalty using a simple plug-and-play mobile-first wallet solution

Wallets have a become an industry-standard way to engender loyalty. But wallet solutions are usually out of the reach of retailers except the few big players. Badge is a complete plug-and-play wallet solution for online retailers of all sizes. Wallets help businesses maintain better relationship with customers.

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Why Wallet?

Loyalty and cashback in its various forms have been the driving force behind a lot of businesses for decades now. It is a time-test and proven way to get and retain customers. Wallets are a modern and more effective version of this age-old strategy which evolved out of e-commerce and online payments. Customers and Business both love wallets because of it's transparent, simple and intuitive nature. Wallet solutions are usually custom built and hence are out of the reach of businesses which are not big enough to bear the expense. This puts smaller stores at a huge disadvantage as compared to their bigger counterparts.



Easily integrate Badge by installing Badge Shopify app or by creating a seller account using Messenger


Badge is very elegant to use solution for your customers. They can use Badge using the popular messaging platforms like Messenger/WhatsApp/SMS


Badge wallets are immensely powerful and can be used for giving out cashbacks, referral rewards, limited offers, getting feedback etc



Give cashbacks to your customers on various occassions like post-purchase, special offers etc


Easily track and reward you best customers for referring their friends

Limited Offer

Creating offers that are limited by time or number of awardees is a cakewalk using Badge


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